FHOO7 Computer Speaker System
Available for 7 Day Home Trial

The FHOO7 Mini System is a scaled down version of the acclaimed FHOO1, FHOO2 & FHOO3. The FHOO7 has been designed to enhance the sound  output of both laptop and desktop computers (Mac and PC), MP3 players, in fact the FHOO7 will work with pretty much every Hi-Fi music player format and device.

The FHOO7 audio system is 5 piece powered speaker system that plugs and plays with Computers, iPods, TV’s, Hi-fi systems and Game Consoles. The FHOO7 has received 5 star rating and rave reviews from media outlets ranging from Macworld to Sunday Times, from T3 magazine to Sky News, and since going on sale to the public in August 2007 has established a reputation across Europe as the “most stylish speakers in existence”.

The FHOO7 combines high concept design, unique looks and precision engineering, to provide the discerning customer with a speaker system that not only will turn heads, but also produce a listening experience which is warm, pin-drop clear and live affirming.

The FHOO7 has 7 unique feature not found in other audio speaker systems that are on sale at similar prices in Europe. They are;

1. Clarity of Sound. The FHOO7 patented di-polar horn speakers are designed to avoid the sound interference caused by encasing or boxing a speaker systems drive units. Unless you use expensive dampener materials, sound waves created by the drive unit will rattle around the box and eventually interfere with the sound that you hear coming out of the front of the speakers. This interference causes the sound to be muffled and flat. The FHOO7, by not casing the drive units in an MDF box, avoids these problems and hence gives outstanding sound quality.

2. Great Acoustics. The shape of the FHOO7 horn speakers allow sound to be more easily amplified and therefore providing fantastic phase coherence at frequency ranges the human ear is most sensitive to ( 340hz-20KHz)- the sound of the human voice. If vocals and natural sounds are important to you, then you will love these speakers.

3. Fantastic Stereo Imaging. The FHOO7 horn speakers are directional speakers designed to give fantastic sound staging. That is the illusion, which you get only with high quality sound systems, that the sound you are hearing is coming live from the room you are in.

4. Style. The FHOO7 is made of transparent high quality acrylic in order for them to be unobtrusive, minimalist, modern and visually arresting like no other systems on the market. The FHOO7 has been designed to turn heads and look good enough to show off (not hide away) on a side board in your dining room, on a coffee table under the flat screen TV, on shelving in your bedroom or on a desk in your home office.

5. Flexibility and ease of use. The FHOO7 is easy to plug and play with any device with an audio out line. Simply use the mini-jack leads and phono lead provided to connect to your iPod, PC/Mac, TV, or traditional Hi-fi systems. The FHOO7 is not just an I-pod speaker but also a speaker system for all your sound systems.

6. High Specification and Quality Materials. The FHOO7 integrated amp is the only class A-B amplifier that can be found in speakers anywhere near its price range. (most comparable systems use a class D amp). Uniquely the FHOO7 uses a transconductance-voltage amp made of more than 5lbs of high quality copper encased in anodized aluminum, powering the speaker unit’s neodymium magnets. The system uses the best and most expensive materials to ensure that there is no compromise on build quality and sound experience.

7. Big Sound. The FHOO7 can generate a big sound especially when it is combined with the separately purchased FHOO8 subwoofer. The FHOO7 is an audio system for both the intimate occasion and for a party.

2 Horn speakers 8 Ohm Horn H 43cm W 27cm D 18cm

2 Bass speakers 8 Ohm Bass Sphere 20 cm diameter

Integrated Amplifier 14 cm cubed, Bi-amped class A/B, 64 Watts with two dedicated stereo amplifiers and an active crossover.

Frequency response 75Hz – 20KHz +/- 5dB

This product conforms with the EMC. Directive and the Low Voltage Directive.

Retail Price in the UK £495.00 incl VAT

Customers can buy direct from Ferguson Hill just call us on +44 (0)207 284 0969 or “Buy online ” on this website. We ship to most of Europe and North America.

141-FH007 horn and bbass speaker


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