FHOO2 & FHOO3 Bass & Amp

The Ferguson Hill bass and amp system is designed to acoustically and visually match the FHOO1 Loudspeakers, giving a seamless integration between the sub woofers and the horn speakers. The FHOO2 Bass Units come as a pair of clear acrylic spheres, with 300mm drive units and a distributed port loading. The Bass Amplifier enclosure is mirror-polished stainless steel, fully damped and its frequency response is set to complement the FHOO1 Loudspeaker.

These bass units are controlled by the FHOO3 Bass Amplifier.

Speaker dimensions

  • Dimension-600mm diameter sphere


  • Drive unit-300mm diameter/high efficiency
  • Internal volume-150 litres
  • Internal wiring-high purity silver/PTFE sleeve
  • Nominal impedance-4 ohms

Retail Price in the UK £ 5,610-00 incl VAT